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A Credible Specialist for Your PVC Fence Repair and Replacement

Do you have an old PVC fence? Maybe, you’re tired of its design, and you just want to have a new fence made of similar material? Fix-A-Fence does fence replacement and repairs. Read further and find out how we could help you with your PVC fences.


It’s time to replace or fix your PVC fence

PVC fences are quite popular for their strength, durability, and charm. Compared to other types of fences, PVC requires less maintenance. Indeed, it guarantees your privacy for a long time. Unfortunately, it’s not perfect. Due to poor installation and harsh weather, its panels could get loose or damaged. You can call us if you need help with its repair or replacement. We can do many unexpected things for you.


Why hire professionals?

Can’t decide whether to replace or repair your PVC fences? Sometimes, your mood or budget isn’t enough to give you the correct answer. Only professionals can guide your decisions. Contact us, and assure that we can deliver affordable, interesting and quality service free from flaws.


Why choose us for your PVC fence repair?

Fix-A-Fence has been providing quality fence repair in Telford, PA since 1999. With our long experience, we’re confident that we can handle all types of PVC fence repair issues. Before repairing the material, we’ll do some diagnostics. If some parts of the fence need replacement, we’ll be happy to show you the latest options. We’ll go the extra mile just to give you satisfactory and budget-friendly solutions.


We have the connections, tools, and knowledge. We won’t leave you hanging on the line as we work. We’ll explain to you all of the procedures. Our PVC specialists are very approachable. After the project, we’ll hear your opinion about our final output before doing the quality assurance assessment. In return for trusting us, we want you to get the best of your investment.


Experience quality fence repair and replacement service by calling Fix-A-Fence at (610) 705-2290. Our experts in Telford, PA won’t let you down.

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